After producing a large series of labor intensive wood relief paintings I began a series of paintings, in 2011, using oil on gesso paper. This gave me the ability to work faster and to experiment more freely than I could do with wood. Working on paper allows for more free-wheeling shapes and openess in the design of the work.

I made the paper pieces by using a collage technique similar to what I had developed for the wood relief paintings, making separate elements and then gluing them together with the larger shapes. However, as the series of paper paintings progressed, various other techniques, including just painting directly on the paper, have started to present themselves. At the same time, I’ve also made some pieces painting directly on wood panels without relief or collage that mimic the look of the collaged pieces.

These paintings feature lively color and an animated style to create visually exciting images. This visual stimulation enhances the subject matter which refers to memory and nostalgia. Using childhood objects as the basis for these abstractions has deep emotional resonance, taking them away from the literal, suggesting our own unique experience. In this way, these paintings can serve as metaphors for our own memories, leading to personal interpretations of the work.

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Duck Mandala

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